Monday morning trick! Tell your friends or work colleagues their tyres have been slashed!

Ever wondered how easy those arguments you see online get started?

Transform any table for table tennis fast with the CorkNet!

Playing table tennis in the home or the office, used to mean that somebody has to clear the table, then set up the net by screwing to the edges and that nearly always seems to be crooked or loose in… Continue Reading →

All successful products have memorable brand names and these are great examples!

Why use text when you can message using the Emojli social network!

The use of the Emojli in messages, comments and emails has been going on for a long time. However, as the technology in smartphones today allows us to communicate in various ways is was only a matter of time before… Continue Reading →

There is an important election coming, so how do voters and politician’s minds differ?

Party On! It is the Anytime Peacemaker beer pack with 99 cans!

If you are going to have a party then you are probably going to need some beer! So next time you say “Bring Beer!” make sure that you mention the Anytime Peacemaker pack from Austin Beerworks! This is one hell… Continue Reading →

Five Cool Projects From The Crowdfunding Scene!

A couple of years ago most people would not have a clue what the term crowdfunding meant. It’s a way for businesses and entrepreneurs to raise funds for ideas by encouraging the public to invest small amounts of money in… Continue Reading →

New idea allows cyclists to catch a ride on a bus without dismounting!

The ButterUp knife spreads butter straight from the fridge!

Anyone who uses real butter will know that spreading it onto a slice of bread is a nightmare, as the combination of hard sticky butter and soft bread do not mix very well, this means that the result is ripped… Continue Reading →

Its Monday morning and you are looking for an interesting way to quit your job! How about this?

Save £30 on the Kindle Fire HD 8GB with special offers now for only £89!

You have only one challenge to do today! Will you be able to pass this easy test?

The power of nature should never be underestimated! No matter what happens it will always find a way!

To stop people from stealing your lunch, you will need an effective lunch box!

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