Scareware firm taken to tribunal

It has become a scare tactic for solicitors to send internet user’s letters accusing them of illegally copying or sharing copyrighted material, but the firm behind these so called scareware letters, ACS:Law are being taken to the solicitor’s disciplinary tribunal. This follows over one hundred and fifty complaints just from members of Which? They had […]

Facial recognition goes public

The use of facial recognition is something that you would normally associate with government departments and security conscious multi national companies. However, technology marches on and waits for nobody. Now it seems that the facial recognition will be available for all, soon with the launch of, who claim that over five thousand developers are […]

BT advert banned by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned its TV adverts that claim its 20 Mbps broadband service is consistently faster than the other leading broadband providers in the UK. The advert is the long running “Adam and Jane” story that is supposed to be coming to an end, but the complaints were for the advert […]