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Xbox Live Gold price increase

It seems that tough times are affecting everybody these days including Microsoft for they have announced that the price of Xbox Live Gold will be increasing to £5.99 per month from the current £4.99 per month.

These price increases are across the board in the UK, US and Canada, and will take place on the 1st November.

These price increases are justified by the added content and entertainment experience that are being added to the service. While the online gaming services from Nintendo and Sony are still free to use, although Sony does have a premium service available.

Source [Telegraph]

Five to return to Canvas

It was only a short while ago when RTL owned terrestrial channel Five was removed from Project Canvas, but now under new ownership, Five will now be rejoining the online digital television project.

It is all systems go at Canvas with the BBC Trust giving it the thumbs up, it’s just  a matter of producing the right equipment with will be another set top box to connect to the television and getting enough partners involved in order to share the costs.

Current estimates are placing a £200 price tag on the new set top box and it will not only allow the user to access Freeview, but the HD channels and catch up TV services such as the BBC iPlayer too.

Source [Daily Mail]

Xbox Kinect with no voice

The launch of the much awaited Xbox 360 motion camera, Kinect will be launching in November the only problem being that there will be no voice char or voice command included. This is a bit of a blow for all of the Xbox fans that was waiting for this to happen only to have it taken away from them at the last minute.

However, that will not be the end of it, because according to Robin Burrowes, the Xbox Live EMEA marketing man, has confirmed that the voice function will be turned on at a later date, just not yet! Therefore, user will be getting the chance to browse media and switch between dashboard and media functions by voice at some date in the future.

Source [Computer and Video Games]

Scareware firm taken to tribunal

It has become a scare tactic for solicitors to send internet user’s letters accusing them of illegally copying or sharing copyrighted material, but the firm behind these so called scareware letters, ACS:Law are being taken to the solicitor’s disciplinary tribunal.

This follows over one hundred and fifty complaints just from members of Which? They had received a letter from the firm saying that they would be taking legal action against them unless they paid £500 immediately.

ACS:Law claim that they collect IP addresses from users of BitTorrent, they then get the users information from the ISP. However, they have been contacting internet users in who are in their seventies and eighties of file sharing etc.

Source [The Register]

Facial recognition goes public

The use of facial recognition is something that you would normally associate with government departments and security conscious multi national companies. However, technology marches on and waits for nobody.

Now it seems that the facial recognition will be available for all, soon with the launch of, who claim that over five thousand developers are already working on this.

According to Gil Hirsch the chief executive of, the system scans the facial features and can then search the internet for similar images, some of which may not have been seen before by the people in the images!

Source [Telegraph]

Are Apples Green?

It may interesting to hear if the iPhone is eco friendly, some people like to know this sort of thing and with the UK’s first green ranking scheme for mobile phones being announced it is a chance to see what phones are green and which ones are not so green.

However, the scheme that has been launched by mobile phone service provider O2 with the help of the Forum for the Future is only voluntary and as such, phone makers are under no obligation to release details.

So the answer to the question are Apple’s green? Will not be known because the company have opted not to provide this information and have refused to allow the iPhone a mention on the list.

Source [Guardian]

BT advert banned by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned its TV adverts that claim its 20 Mbps broadband service is consistently faster than the other leading broadband providers in the UK.

The advert is the long running “Adam and Jane” story that is supposed to be coming to an end, but the complaints were for the advert where Adam was looking at new houses and the estate agent is forced to wait for WebPages to load.

ASA received seventeen complaints about the advert and came to the decision that BT had made unrealistic claims over the speed of its broadband service.

Source [Channel Four]

The Apple Event Sept 1st

Only a couple days to go before the much awaited Apple Event starts, so what does September 1st have in store for us? Basically much of the same of what we already know, there will be an announcement of fourth generation iPod Touch, this will include FaceTime and the best of all the possibility of 3G networking!

There is the possible launch of the iTV unit, which was due for an autumn launch so its close enough and then there is the rumour of the six generation iPod Nano, with a 3 cm x 3 cm touch screen, so we have plenty to look for or not whatever the case maybe.

One thing is for sure we will be keeping eye on Cupertino central for announcement.

Source [Softpedia]

The iPhone Bottle Opener

They say that there is an iPhone app for every occasion and that would appear to be right as now you can even open up a bottle of beer, yes that is right amaze your friends by taking the top off a bottle of beer with your iPhone.

However, do not let them see how you do it, because your secret will be out and they will know that you have a special attachment built into your new iPhone case that cost you only about £15!

Source [Nerd Approved]

Some fancy footwork

The World Cup may be over, but you and your friends can still experience the excitement of the game with these remote controlled football boots will help get over the football blues by bringing all of this excitement into your home or office where mini tournaments can take place.

These are the features and details for the remote controlled football boots:

The set of two boots is perfect for exciting “one-on-one” competitions. In addition, thrilling tournaments. Driven by an electric motor, the boots whiz around on four wheels: Forwards, backwards, to the left and right. Controlled by two levers on the remote control. Colour coded in red or blue with orange, the boots transmit at different frequencies (27/40 MHz). Scoops (supplied) can be attached to the boots’ toe section to give beginners a fair chance, too. Four AA batteries provide enough power for about 2 hours of football. In sturdy plastic. Football boot measures 23 x 8 x 11cm (9″ x 3 1?10″ x 4 1?3″), weighs 285g (10 oz). Remote control measures 8.5 x 9 x 5cm (3 2?5″ x 3 1?2″ x 2″), weighs 56g (2 oz); requires two AA batteries. Batteries separately available. Each boot is supplied with a goal and plastic ball measuring 7cm (3″) in diameter.

Source [Nerd Approved]

Colour for Apple Trackpad

Tired of the same old colour for your Apple stuff, well there is a place where all of that can be changed at a price of course, but the Apple Magic Trackpad will never be looking the same again.

This service comes courtesy of ColourWare the people who take laptops and other devices and change their appearance by giving them a fresh coat of paint.

You can buy a Magic Trackpad complete with new paintjob for around £100, or alternatively you could send your own one off for a new makeover at around £50.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]

The Boog Boa Push iPad Bag

The iPad has been on high ever since its launch and now its time to cover it up, because something as thin and light being carried under your arm along a busy street you just know that something is going to go wrong.

However, place it in one of these Boog Boa Push iPad Bag and that changes the outlook, these bags are made from Nappa leather and soft Twylon, with enough pockets for all of those accessories and all covered with a flap.

Here are the features and specs of the Boa Push iPad bag:

The Boa push iPad messenger provides one of the most compact ways to carry your iPad, iPhone, credit cards, a notepad and pens wherever you need to go. Crafted from durable Twylon and genuine Nappa leather, the slim Boa push is equipped with a wide, super-comfy seatbelt nylon shoulder strap and a sturdy snap button flap closure. Each Boa push is tagged with a gunmetal-framed Terralinq serial number. Once registered, the booq Terralinq service may help reunite you with your lost and found bag.

Priced at around £60

Source [Cool Material]

First Part Games online pass

It looks as if Sony could be thinking about introducing a online pass, whereas at the moment Sony are approving third party publishers such as EA and THQ who charge their own users to buy games online.

It is this pattern that Sony are looking to copy, its success is simply too good for Sony to overlook and in these days of tight budgets no firm is going to overlook a revenue stream such as this.

However, it is still not that east to set up even for Sony, so it may be happening anytime soon if it ever happens at all!

Source [Ubergizmo]

The readySTEADY video stand

How often do you think that you have got that perfect video only to find that it is all shaky and not very professional at all. Well you could use a stand, but carrying that around is a pain, unless there is one that is small enough to fit into your pocket, well there is always the readySTEADY video camera stand.

It’s small and compact, but offers the user the chance to produce some pro looking videos with earth moving shaking going on.

These are the details covering the readySTEADY steady video camera stand:

readySTEADY is portable, sleek and tough. It fits easily into your pocket (or purse), making it just as portable as your pocket video camera. It is durable, made of sturdy aluminium, not plastic. Most importantly, it puts an end to the impossible task of trying to hold your pocket video camera steady for more than 10 seconds.

Priced at around £20

Source [Oh Gizmo]

Electric Bike by Ryno

It is all in the name isn’t it, Ryno sounds big and tough, well could an electrically powered scooter actually fit into that description, see for yourself.


Well what did you think of that?

Source [Random Good Stuff]


These are tyres designed to fit a bike, but the company behind this product is called the Night Bright Tyre Company, so you get an idea what they are all about!

These tyres have built in LED’s and motion sensors so that when the bike is on the move the LED’s become illuminated and as this image shows there is little chance of the bike going un-noticed no matter how dark it is.

These are the details that explain the Cyglo tyre system:

Founded by James Tristram, Cyglo Tyre uses tough, durable, bright and long lasting LED bulbs embedded into the tyre tread or wall to form a ring of high powered light to maximise the visibility of cyclists to other road users.

Source [Cool Material]

Kodak launches the Playtouch

There was time when Kodak was boss of the photographic industry, but then came along digital photography and it seemed that the curtain could be going closing on Kodak. However, the company has managed to turn things around and now they have the Playtouch video camera.

This is a device that has a three inch capacitive touchscreen display; this allows the user to can go through the menu at the touch of a finger, as well as accessing the share button!

These are the specs for the exciting Kodak Playtouch:

•Share Button for easy video upload to YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK sites, and email

•3-inch capacitive touchscreen LCD optimized for reviewing in landscape mode for the ultimate 1080p HD video sharing experience

•On-camera editing features to trim and extract still pictures from video

•5 MP HD still pictures

•Sharper videos and less blur with built-in digital image stabilization

•Built-in USB arm for easy sharing, charging, and transferring

•Smart face tracking technology

•LCD glare shield feature

•External stereo microphone jack to add high-quality sound to videos or to plug in headphones for discreet playback

•4 capture effects, including B&W, sepia, high saturation, and ’70s film look

•HDMI output (HDMI cable included)

•Up to 10 hours of HD video with expandable SD/SDHC card slot (up to 32 GB)

•Li-Ion rechargeable battery with in-camera charging

•PC and MAC iLIFE product compatibility

Priced at Around £160

Source [Coolest Gadgets]

VW Camper record player

This is a very funny yet practical device that looks strange but has a real purpose behind it. The VW camper van is actually a self-contained record player. Just carefully place the device on the LP or single record and set it off on its way.

Its battery powered no need to keep winding it up, the speakers are built into the van too, so this little device does all of the work that a huge record player would have done in the past, it’s cool and funky too!

Here are the features of the Stokyo soundwagon record player:

Why make a record player that drives around the record’s surface when you can make one that is an officially licensed model of a VW minibus? If that question stumps you too, then the Soundwagon is for you! It is a fully equipped battery-powered phonograph player with needle, amplifier and speaker that continually spins doughnuts while it plays the entire record. Audiophiles beware: this is a toy record player, so do not expect hi-fidelity and do not let it drive all over your irreplaceable records. Colour may vary.

Priced at around £60

Source [X Tremegeek]

The Ironman Xbox 360 mod

The Ironman movies are very popular and it comes as no surprise to find that there are people out there modding and building various items into the style of Tony Starks Ironman suit.

This mod is wildly expensive though, on eBay the current bid is over $3,000 and it is still going, its unbelievable how this has taken off, well it is one of a kind and there is no surprise that this is a hit with the bidders.

Check out the Ironman style Xbox 360 conversion:

This is a beautiful piece and would be the perfect addition to any Ironman fanatic’s collection, truly a one of kind. Xbox is brand new, only been played a few times to ensure that everything was working properly before the sale. Includes matching Red Controller, 120g HDD with “Stark Industries” label, and Power and Component Cables.

The Ironman XBox 360 is being auctioned on eBay, current bid around £2000

Source [Ubergizmo]

Handy GPS device

It is amazing how GPS has transformed the way that we drive and even walk around these days, it is all down to GPS this has found its way into our cars, phones and now there are keyrings with state of the art GPS units included.

Just start the unit where you leave your car, station or hotel and you will always be able to find your way back. These simple devices are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and yet in a strange town or city it can be invaluable in time saved finding your way back.

Product Description of the Bushnell Backtrack Point-3 Personal GPS Locator:

GPS made Simple BackTrack Point-3 utilizes the latest GPS technology for quicker satellite acquisition and precision accuracy. It has a larger screen with an overall smaller, more sleek size. BackTrack Point-3 has only two buttons and stores up to three locations-just mark it and forget it until it’s time to return. At the end of the day, select your location and the BackTrack Point-3 displays the distance and direction to your destination. Use it to find your car in a crowded parking lot, your favourite fishing hot spot, your campsite after a day of hiking, and more this sleek design easily stows in your pocket, pack, or purse.

Priced at around $30

Source [Tech Fresh]

Retro looking leather iPad case

Walking around town with an iPad can be a little bit risky, it is so thin and light that the chances of it being damaged are quite high; there is also the prospect of it being stolen too. However, if it were hidden inside a leather bound case, then would any take any notice?

Probably not and there is the added bonus that is will be protected from damage too, so for a small investment the consumer can walk around town with their iPad under their arm with no worries at all.

These are the features from The Case, Vol 1 for the iPad:

You are “bound” to be pleased with this bonded leather portfolio case for your iPad. The Case, Vol I allows you to hold your device like a favourite old book. However, this case flips its lid without breaking its spine when a flat surface is required. Need to prop you iPad for video viewing?  No problem, as the clasp that closes your book also converts the Case into a viewing stand. With a patent pending sound channel and classic red bookmark that allows for easy removal, when it comes to iPad accessories, we are making the case for books!

Priced at around £35

Source [Oh Gizmo]

PayPal accounts emptied via iTunes

It looks as if the some customers of PayPal have seen cash disappear from their account and from the linked bank account too and it seems to have happen via the Apple iTunes Store.

The issue appears to only affect accounts where the iTunes account is linked to a PayPal account, so account holder have found that thousands of pounds have gone missing.

The amounts are varied, but it has been found that one user found that their email account had fifty $99 PayPal receipts; fortunately, these were noticed before the payments were taken and so they were able to stop money from being transferred.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]

Kindle 3 to launch on Friday

This is good news for all of those e-reader fans that cannot wait for the next generation of reader from Amazon, the Kindle 3.

On the face of it, consumers may see that there is little change in the next gen device such as, being lighter at just 240 grams, improved e-ink technology, sharper images, a battery that lasts for over a month and free access to the Amazon store.

The Kindle 3, is capable of storing over three and thousand books, has an mp3 player and a new style web browser.

The all new Kindle 3 will be priced at £109 for the base model and £149 for 3G with Wi-Fi version.

Source [IT Portal]

YouTube launches HTML5 site

Google user generated video site, YouTube has launched a site dedicated to speeding it up for mobile users.

The HTML5 version of YouTube can be found at this site has grown so fast that according to figures it is now receiving as much traffic as the YouTube site was when it was swallowed up by Google in 2006.

Users in the UK, Europe and in the Middle East are able to access the new faster site via their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Source [Guardian]