August 2010

Xbox Live Gold price increase

It seems that tough times are affecting everybody these days including Microsoft for they have announced that the price of Xbox Live Gold will be increasing to £5.99 per month from the current £4.99 per month. These price increases are… Continue Reading →

Five to return to Canvas

It was only a short while ago when RTL owned terrestrial channel Five was removed from Project Canvas, but now under new ownership, Five will now be rejoining the online digital television project. It is all systems go at Canvas… Continue Reading →

Xbox Kinect with no voice

The launch of the much awaited Xbox 360 motion camera, Kinect will be launching in November the only problem being that there will be no voice char or voice command included. This is a bit of a blow for all… Continue Reading →

Scareware firm taken to tribunal

It has become a scare tactic for solicitors to send internet user’s letters accusing them of illegally copying or sharing copyrighted material, but the firm behind these so called scareware letters, ACS:Law are being taken to the solicitor’s disciplinary tribunal…. Continue Reading →

Facial recognition goes public

The use of facial recognition is something that you would normally associate with government departments and security conscious multi national companies. However, technology marches on and waits for nobody. Now it seems that the facial recognition will be available for… Continue Reading →

Are Apples Green?

It may interesting to hear if the iPhone is eco friendly, some people like to know this sort of thing and with the UK’s first green ranking scheme for mobile phones being announced it is a chance to see what… Continue Reading →

BT advert banned by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned its TV adverts that claim its 20 Mbps broadband service is consistently faster than the other leading broadband providers in the UK. The advert is the long running “Adam and Jane” story that… Continue Reading →

The Apple Event Sept 1st

Only a couple days to go before the much awaited Apple Event starts, so what does September 1st have in store for us? Basically much of the same of what we already know, there will be an announcement of fourth… Continue Reading →

The iPhone Bottle Opener

They say that there is an iPhone app for every occasion and that would appear to be right as now you can even open up a bottle of beer, yes that is right amaze your friends by taking the top… Continue Reading →

Some fancy footwork

The World Cup may be over, but you and your friends can still experience the excitement of the game with these remote controlled football boots will help get over the football blues by bringing all of this excitement into your… Continue Reading →

Colour for Apple Trackpad

Tired of the same old colour for your Apple stuff, well there is a place where all of that can be changed at a price of course, but the Apple Magic Trackpad will never be looking the same again. This… Continue Reading →

The Boog Boa Push iPad Bag

The iPad has been on high ever since its launch and now its time to cover it up, because something as thin and light being carried under your arm along a busy street you just know that something is going… Continue Reading →

First Part Games online pass

It looks as if Sony could be thinking about introducing a online pass, whereas at the moment Sony are approving third party publishers such as EA and THQ who charge their own users to buy games online. It is this… Continue Reading →

The readySTEADY video stand

How often do you think that you have got that perfect video only to find that it is all shaky and not very professional at all. Well you could use a stand, but carrying that around is a pain, unless… Continue Reading →

Electric Bike by Ryno

It is all in the name isn’t it, Ryno sounds big and tough, well could an electrically powered scooter actually fit into that description, see for yourself.   Well what did you think of that? Source [Random Good Stuff]

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