A new way of measuring

When it comes to cooking there are so many different measurements that go into producing the perfect recipe, it seems that a handful of flour and so on really do get used around the kitchens of the world.

However, a universal way of describing weights and measures is needed, so the Equal Measure scale is ideal for this purpose. Cooking will never be the same again, although the recipes might be a little more consistent.

These are the features of the Fred Equal Measure measuring cup:

A great gift idea for cooks with a sense of humour, the Fred Equal Measure measuring cup includes both standard and metric scale marks as well as some very informational measurement equivalents–including the volume of one human breath (500 ml) and 5,000 drops of water (1 cup). Made from durable borosilicate glass, the tall measuring cup resembles a laboratory beaker and includes an easy-pour spout and glass handle. It offers a 2-1/2-cup capacity and is both heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.

Priced at $11.19

Source [Design Fetish]

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