Would you put something that looked like this on your hands and face? No, so why not it is only soap after all, it may look like a Petri dish with a nice growth of the salmonella bacteria inside, but it just looks that way.

In fact, this is a soap made from natural ingredients held together with a coconut oil base and unlike the bacteria, this is totally clean and healthy.

These are the features for the Black Salmonella Grapefruit Scented Soap by Cleaner Science:

•Fun soap that is made to resemble a bacterial culture in a Petri dish

•Each soap is handmade with natural ingredients

•Scented with a grapefruit fragrance

•Made to resemble a Salmonella bacterial culture

•Each soap with Petri dish measures 100mm x 15mm

Priced at $9.95

Source [Shop HDE]