Is it a shark or boat?

In theory we have a to say that it is a bit of both, it’s a power boat that actually mimics a shark, it is powered by a 260 horse power engine and it can reach up to 50 mph on the surface of the water and 25 mph under the water, yes this does travel under the water too!

The seabreacher power boat, can literally jump out of the water up to twelve feet into the air; imagine seeing that in front of you while you are having a little swim.

These are the features of the seabreacher shark body boat:

Re-designed shark style body

Mouth-shaped viewports for enhanced underwater visibility

Double snorkel intakes for engine’s increased air requirements

High performance, low profile wings and elevators

Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminium hardware

Custom exhaust outlet

Fully upholstered interior, customized to your desires

Front and Rear LCD screens, displaying live video from snorkel-mounted camera

Onboard stereo system with iPod dock

Removable lifting eyes for launching from a yacht mounted davit

Custom built powder coated trailer

Source [Gear Fuse]

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