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20% of students have hacked

It could be a sign of the times or just a lack of security, but hacking has become rather more wide spread than many industry experts first thought. According the IT site IT Pro Portal, one five university students have admitted to hacking into social networking profiles, email accounts and even online shopping accounts.

The majority of the hacks took place on Facebook and the only damaged was to alter the users profile page, then came the more serious hacking into email accounts, followed by using another person’s online shopping account.

What we would like to know is, have you been a victim of hacking and what sort of form was it?

Source [Online Social Media]

Blackberry planning the BlackPad

Blackberry are planning a rival to the Apple iPad, it will join the other contenders such as Samsung to break into the tablet market that has been the domain of the iPad since its launch.

Blackberry are expected to reveal their product which has been nicknamed the BlackPad at a developers conference in San Francisco next week, with the launch being planned for the later part the year.

This tablet is expected to run a new operating system by QNX Software Systems, who were bought out by RIM at the beginning of the year.

Features are limited, but the device is believed to come with a seven inch display and a built in camera.

Source [Telegraph]

What to do with Facebook Places

Now that we can get Facebook Places on our smartphones, the problem is what to do; now we have got the feature that allows us to share our travels and locations with our online friends and maybe even bump into some of them too!

However, it seems that could be just too boring and the folks over at Shiny Shiny have come up with five good things to do while using Facebook Places, which spice it up a little.

Here are five good things to do on Facebook Places according to shinyshiny.tv:

Check in every time you go to Tesco’s

Check into places when you are not actually there.

Invent new places that may or may not exist

Check into a whole bunch of places really quickly.

Write “oh god how did I end up here again” on every Places update.

Source [Shiny Shiny]

Backpack with built in charger

Quirky as the name suggests are well known for designing unusual items, such as the Trek Support backpack, this is bag that charged your gadgets while you are on the move and when you arrive at your destination, the backpack is then charged up ready for the next day.

The Trek Support is well made bag with a special section that houses up to four gadgets, with three of the devices being charged up by the battery pack.

These are the features and further details for the Trek Support bag:

Trek Support comes with 3 components: the backpack, the laptop sleeve, and the gadget dock.

Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

– Large main compartment, with a wrap-around clamshell opening.

– Outer zippered pocket for essentials like wallets and passports.

– Secondary zippered compartment, with a bungee strap and inner pockets for organizing your essentials.

– Two small mesh pockets on the straps, perfectly sized for your phone/MP3 player and ear bud headphones. One pocket has an additional USB outlet, with a wire threaded through the strap to connect to the gadget dock.

– Made of durable waterproof rip-stop nylon, with rubber-coated zippers and open-air mesh padding on the back and straps for comfort and support.

Laptop Sleeve

– Fits most laptops with up to 15” screens.

– Easy Velcro attachment to the inside rear of the backpack’s main compartment.

– Made of padded nylon and Velcro.

Gadget Dock

– Integrated battery can charge up to three USB gadgets at once.

– Includes 4 pockets that fit iPads/eReaders, phones, MP3 players, portable gaming systems, cameras, and other gadgets.

– Rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours, depending on the devices being charged.

– Made of padded nylon, with air mesh on the bottom so the battery can breathe.

Trek Support is available in charcoal, with bright blue accents and reflective hits on the logo and bungee cord.

Priced at around £80

Source [Geeky Gadgets]

Check out Qvaq!

This is a new site called Qvaq, it is devoted to giving gadget and technology fans a place where they are able to discuss and collaborate in real time with fellow gadget fans. It is easy to get started as a basic post, but for more complicated posts there are options for video and images include in the extended post feature.

These are the features for the all new online discussion site, Qvaq:

Audio and visual notifications for new messages.

Personal scrapbook for links, texts, pictures etc.

Personal photo gallery containing your uploaded pictures.

Contribute and vote for group icons and descriptions.

Simple inline one-click to set your current status.

Auto link to members by writing @, the first letters, and hit tab.

Auto link to any Qvaq group simply by writing /group-name.

Easily see who’s currently online in any group.

Automatic group order, showing the last active at top.

Source [Geek Alerts]

Pixel style Steve Jobs

There are plenty of Steve Jobs fans around so you would have thought that that when a bust of the man comes up for sale that they would be fighting over it, but maybe not! Well it is a 3D pixel style design, so perhaps not the fine art that some folks might be thinking of being art, but it is cool.

So, would you like to have a mini Steve sitting on your desk watching your every move!

Here are some further details about the Steve Jobs desk buddy:

A full-colour, high-quality 3D-printed bust of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, modelled and textured in a retro 3D pixel style by the Dutch Sevens heaven design studio. Having this remarkable and unique gadget on your desk will undoubtedly make your friends and colleagues very jealous and earn you eternal respect.

Priced at $117

Source [Nerd Approved]