The Infographic of Star Wars

No matter how you may feel about Star Wars, you have to admit that the concept is second to none and the man behind George Lucas is more than just a director he is a businessman of the highest standard, especially following how he had the foresight to negotiate the best deal right from the off.

It must have been back in the mid 1970’s when George Lucas sat down with 20th Century Fox to sort out the financing on the original Star Wars movie Episode IV:  A New Hope and yet even then he knew that it was the merchandising where all the money would be.

Therefore, he ended up owning all of the merchandising rights to the movie and future sequels, which sounds like a good deal and probably one of the reasons why he is now worth around $3 billion. It just goes to show that the money is in the merchandise, especially when it comes to Star Wars.

Source [Walyou]

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