3D holographic digital prints

This is a concept of producing 3D models of buildings designs that would traditionally be printed in 2D, but with this 3D imaging by a firm called Mind-blowing, who are using ZScape technology developed by Zebra Imaging as you can imagine a 3D display has many uses in building design all without the need for 3D Glasses either.

Here are some of the features for the holographic digital prints;

True 3D: No special eyewear is needed for enjoying a 360-degree viewing range.

Field proven: Over 8,000 images have been utilized by the US military overseas for visualization and defense planning applications.

Multiple copies: Unlike physical models, you can easily produce multiple “leave behinds” for clients, investors and other stakeholders.

Easy viewing: Illuminate the hologram with a simple halogen or LED light source, no special viewing equipment is required.

Portable and durable: Our holographic prints are easy to ship; the prints come with protective coatings for durability, and they can be marked on and rolled up and taken in the field.

Reliable archives: Our three-dimensional images are “version proof” and store flat, so you can refer to them years later — without the need for a computer or specific software.

Full-colour or monochrome formats: Complex information can be displayed with brilliant detail, transparency and colour — and feature greater accuracy than physical models.

Source [3D Vision Blog]