Sat Nav jammer threat

It has come to light that a simple £20 device could be used to jam satellite navigation signals, causing havoc on the road, in the air and even at sea.

The claim is part of a report put together by the Royal Academy of Engineering and it shows just how a simple jammer is not just able to assist fraudsters in avoiding road charging systems. It could also be used to jam tracker signals in stolen vehicles too!

Dr Martyn Thomas, said ‘You could carry out a potential terrorist attack from a long way away with very little risk of being caught.’

It is estimated that seven per cent of the UK’s economy is actually dependant on satellite navigation, this may not sound like much but in actual fact, this small figure represents around £1.34 trillion per year!

According to the Royal Academy, ‘Deliberate interference in GPS signals is already a significant issue with many instances of jamming for criminal purposes and at least one (in Korea) for political motives,’

‘At sea in fog or at night, jamming could cause collision between ships or with obstructions whilst causing emergency beacons to broadcast false positions, delaying search and rescue.’

Source [Metro]