Sony to get hack downloader’s details

It may have seemed like great idea at the time, cracking the PS3 operating system and posting the details online, but Sony have failed to see the funny side of it and have now obtained permission to see a list of IP addresses of users where copies of the hack were downloaded to form the hosting firm Bluehost.

The hack was the work of George Hotz, he posted the hack on his website and this is where Sony is planning to obtain the IP addresses from. it is believed that Sony are building a case against Mr Hotz, rather than pursuing individuals, but it does show the lengths that firms such as Sony are willing to go to.

According to the subpoena document it reads, “SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America] needs to determine how rampant the access to and use of these circumvention devices has been in California in order to rebut Mr Hotz’s suggestion that his illicit conduct was not aimed at the forum state,”

The wording would suggest that Sony are not just bothered with Mr Hotz and, but rather that the company intends to pursue all of those users who have downloaded the hack too!

Source [BBC]