GCHQ to protect the CNI

It looks as if the government are placing the job of protecting the critical national infrastructure (CNI) from outside attack by criminal gangs, hackers or a combination of the two, just out of interest the principle players in the CNI are British Airways, BT and the National Grid!

According to the security minister, Baroness Neville-Jones, “What we need is greater situational awareness,”

This seems to point to an expansion of the Cyber Security Operations Centre; this is a division that is currently part of the GCHQ complex.

But a BT spokesperson said, “Having been dedicated to addressing cyber security for many years, we have invested heavily in research and development to understand the threats, and have built cyber resilience into our networks and services in the interests of our public and private sector customers,” said the spokesperson.

“We already manage security solutions across the UK’s CNI and we will be collaborating with the government to share our expertise in protecting the UK against all cyber threats.”

Source [V3]