Android overtakes iPhone at Tesco

The rise of the Android powered phone continues, with the UK’s largest superstore chain, Tesco reporting that the sale of Android powered phones has passed the iPhone for the first time on the service that runs on the O2 mobile phone network.

According to Graham Harris, the chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco Mobile, “As one of the UK’s leading operators, these sales are a useful barometer for Smartphone trends,”

“There is a lot of choice in the market and as a result consumers are driving healthy competition between rival operating systems.”

“Tesco Mobile prides itself on customer service and offering customers what they want, through a wide range of competitive deals on all platforms. In addition to competitive Android Smartphone deals, we also offer iPhone on a variety of fantastic 12 month [contracts]”

“However, we commend this healthy competition between operating systems as we see this as helping to drive consumer choice and flexibility.”

It should not come as much surprise for iPhone users, as with many Android Powered mobile phones are free on contract, whereas the iPhone contract requires the customer to pay some cash up front.

Source [Tech Radar]