Wi-Fi slows speed by 40%

With all the talk in media about broadband being mainly about speed, it has come to light that the customers who use a wireless connection could be losing around thirty to forty per cent of their connection speed. This has become known following the results of a European wide survey of fourteen thousand broadband users all of who experience some sort of drop in connection speeds.

So, that is a forty per cent loss in connection speed, experienced by a lot of those that took place in the survey! That works out at an awful lot of customers receiving slow broadband connections. However, this time is seems that the worst affected area is Italy with a forty per cent drop; the UK comes in with a 26.5 per cent drop.

“Our data shows that connectivity over Wi-Fi degrades broadband performance considerably in typical circumstances.” according to the Chief Technology Officer of internet analysts Epitiro, JP Curley, “Consumers who are experiencing performance issues with Wi-Fi should take steps to improve their home environment or connect directly via wired Ethernet.”

It has been known for a long time that speed is lost through a wireless connection, but until now, the actual scale of the issue has not been fully known.

Finally, according to Dido Harding, TalkTalk’s Chief Executive, “Customers tell us they want consistent speeds and a reliable connection. Our Speed Checker allows customers to see the speed delivered from their exchange, the speed arriving at their home and the speed they’re actually seeing on their PC or device.”

Source [Telegraph]