First case of Twitter libel costs £53,000!

Sometimes it is very easy to get carried away with tweets, but as this court case in Wales demonstrates sometimes care and attention must taken, especially when what you are saying is not entirely true!

Take this case of two politicians, Plaid Cymru candidate Colin Elsbury and his rival Councillor Edward John Talbot, during a county council by election in 2009, Colin Elsbury tweeted that he had seen Edward Talbot beign removed from a Polling Station by the Police!

However, as this turned out not to be true, it seemed like a clear cut case of libel and the result is that Colin Elsbury is first UK citizen to lose a case based on something posted on Twitter.

As a result of this case, Colin Elsbury has to pay £3,000 in damages and this is the killer around £50,000 in legal costs!

According to the welsh politician, Colin Elsbury, “It was a genuine case of mistaken identity which I have acknowledged,”

“This case will no doubt act as a warning to people, including politicians, to be extremely careful when using Twitter and other social media such as blogs.”

The moral here, is if you are going to say something about somebody, you had better make sure that it is correct at the time!

Source [Telegraph]