Google is about to launch a social network, maybe!

For some time it seems that Google have been on the brink of launching its rival social network to Facebook and yet it never seems to happen, sure, there is Orkut, but this social networking site has never really made it big around the world, it seems to be mainly used South American and Far Eastern users.

Therefore, we know that Google are at the SXSW events and have certain slots planned up the end, but will they be announcing at last the Google network, it would seem not if we are to take notice of Google spokesperson.

According to a Google spokesperson, “We don’t have any product announcements today,” clearly this was true as they did not make any announcements, but there are some events planned at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals, which runs until the 20th March. However, when pressed further the spokesperson confirmed that “Google doesn’t launch products at other people’s events” which is fair enough and true they have never done that before and finally “We do not comment on rumour and speculation.” So what do we think about that then?

Source [Telegraph]