Twitter warning to app developers

The micro blogging site Twitter has told the developers of third party apps, this follows the suspension a couple of weeks ago of a number of apps, the reason given that they were violating the terms of service issued by Twitter.

According to Ryan Sarver, the head of platform and API at Twitter, “With more people joining Twitter and accessing the service in multiple ways, a consistent user experience is more crucial than ever. As we talked about last April, this was our motivation for buying Tweetie and developing our own official iPhone app. It is the reason why we have developed official apps for the Mac, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, and worked with RIM on their Twitter for Blackberry app. As a result, the top five ways that people access Twitter are official Twitter apps,”

It is estimated that around ninety per cent of Twitter users are happy to use an official Twitter App. The response to this is, “Twitter is a network, and its network effects are driven by users seeing and contributing to the network’s conversations. We need to ensure users can interact with Twitter the same way everywhere.”

For the developers it would appear that Twitter are looking to take a more hands on approach to the whole issue of third party apps, “Twitter will provide the primary mainstream consumer client experience on phones, computers, and other devices by which millions of people access Twitter content (tweets, trends, profiles, etc), and send tweets. If there are too many ways to use Twitter that are inconsistent with one another, we risk diffusing the user experience. In addition, a number of client applications have repeatedly violated Twitter’s Terms of Service, including our user privacy policy. This demonstrates the risks associated with outsourcing the Twitter user experience to third parties. Twitter has to revoke literally hundreds of API tokens / apps a week as part of our trust and safety efforts, in order to protect the user experience on our platform.”

He ended by saying “We need to ensure that tweets, and tweet actions, are rendered in a consistent way so that people have the same experience with tweets no matter where they are. For example, some developers display “comment”, “like”, or other terms with tweets instead of “follow, favourite, retweet, reply” – thus changing the core functions of a tweet.”

For developers it seems that life has just become more difficult, but for the Twitter user it would appear that they could be getting the best clients for connecting to service, in theory!

Source [Guardian]