Hot Espresso no Machinery Required!

Imagine being out for a long bike ride, it is the end of the day and all you really want is a nice hot and steamy cup of espresso, but there is no coffee shop anywhere to be found!

Ordinarily this would be a disaster, but if you have the Airspresso machine and a bicycle pump, you could be in business. The Airspresso coffee machine is a cool idea to produce a nice cup of coffee, all you need is the machine, bicycle pump, coffee and some hot water to produce 13 oz of pure black gold!

These are the features for the great Airpresso real coffee maker;

Developed for life’s wanderers and adventurers, the Airspresso will produce a 120ml shot of espresso using third wave brewing techniques (it might be wild outside but no need to be harsh on the grinds) just about anywhere using hot water and a bike pump? Light weight (250 grams) yet robustly constructed of anodised aerospace aluminium, engineering plastic and brass the Airspresso will give years of pleasurable caffeine infusion.

Source [Cool Material]