Selling first spot in the iPad2 queue

It is seems that there are lots businesses starting up on the back of other businesses, and one of these new businesses is the selling of the front slot in the queue for the new Apple iPad2.

This woman is Amanda Foote and at 9 am on the 11th March outside the Apple Store in New York she sold her front of the queue spot in the iPad2 queue to app developer Hazem Sayed for a cool $900 or £560 and that price did not even include an iPad2 either!

However, the amazing thing about this is that she had no intention of buying the iPad2 at all, in fact she is thinking of getting a couple of tickets to a Lady Gaga concert.

This is the business plan, you get to the store where the latest Apple or any other hot product is due to be sold a couple of days too early, camp down for couple days and then sell the spot to the highest bidder, do this a few times a year and you are laughing.

Source [Technabob]