Birmingham’s Bullring Centre is set to be taken over by an ‘Angel Ambush’ this weekend, allowing West Midlands shoppers their chance to get close and personal with fallen virtual angels.

To celebrate the launch of Lynx Excite, a fragrance “so tempting even angels will fall”, Lynx will run a repeat of their Augmented Reality campaign on March 19th and 20th following its success at London’s Victoria Station two weeks earlier.

Members of the public will be able to stand in a designated spot from where they are filmed and appear on a large format digital billboard in front of them. An angel will then fall from the sky in a cloud of dust, land next to the participant in question and start playfully flirting with them.

Lynx’s most sophisticated fragrance yet, the Excite range includes Eau de Toilette, Body Spray, Antiperspirant and Shower Gel, building on the heritage of two bestsellers, the famous Africa and Dark Temptation by offering a long lasting fragrance using premium ingredients, making it the vital finishing touch for a man’s grooming regime.

Want to try your hand at tempting an angel from heaven? Head down to the Birmingham Bullring Centre on March 19th and 20th! You can take a look at London’s best efforts with the angels on YouTube.