Social Networking in the UK is huge!

There is no doubt that the social networking is big, but just how big are we talking about here! Well luckily, for us there are plenty of firms who love nothing more than going through all of the facts and figures.

It turns out that the research carried out by Experian Hitwise has found that social networking is more popular than any other online leisure activity and that includes porn!

According to Experian Hitwise research director, Robin Goad, “While social networks of course compete amongst themselves for users, many of those users have a presence on multiple networks,”

He finished off by saying, “One in every eight people leaving a social network visits another one immediately after, something that is encouraged by the connections that exist between the networks. Facebook, for example, is a key source of traffic for many smaller social networks; while almost a fifth of people leaving Twitter go on to visit another social network.”

If all website owners were able to hold onto visitors in the way the Facebook and Twitter can, then the face of the internet would be completely different, but can these sites offer the social networking experience, we don’t think so.

Source [The Inquirer]