Tim Burton Honoured in Animation

The filmmaker is Tim Burton is well known for his off the wall and high unusual films and so it is only natural that his work and life should be immortalised in a short animation.


However, this is a no ordinary animation, it is by Brian Joseph Ochab and with the help of mega star Sir Christopher Lee adding his voice to the film, he said, “I think this has been done in a delightful way, and I think Tim will be very pleased.”

Here are some details on the how the finances are working out, as you can see they still have some way to go, with 87 backers contributing around $12,500 there is some way to go.

With a funding goal of $150,000, TIM is one of only a select few projects on Kickstarter raising money in the six-figure category, and the deadline to raise the funds is March 28th. Reaching the public, getting the word out and mobilizing audiences to pledge has been the key (and the challenge) for every Kickstarter campaign large or small. Chad Frye, a co-producer and the art director of the film said, “It is our hope that the fans of Tim Burton will also see this collectively as their project too.”

Kickstarter is a cool way of raising funds and everyone gets something out of it. Even with the minimum pledge of $10 the backer will get an online credit, pledges go all the way up to $10,000, that sort of backing the sky is the limit in the goodies that the backer receives.

Source [PR Web]