MobileMe to go Free!

For some of us, the fact that MobileMe is about to go become a free service, is that it is about time, for around three years there has been a will they or wont they scenario going on, but now it seems that it could really happen and soon!

It came to light when US education authority enquired about signing up for service with two months free, but it seems that they were told in a roundabout way that the service is about to go free and so they delayed the take up of MobileMe services.

This is what Apple has to say about the MobileMe sync service;

MobileMe keeps your mail, contacts, and calendar information in the cloud and uses push technology to keep everything in sync across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and the web automatically. Therefore, no matter where you go or which device you use, all your information is up to date — no docking required.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]