user’s names and email addresses leaked

It seems that following a security breach at the online games store, there will be an increase in spam activity; in fact, it seems that victims are already receiving unwanted emails, many of which direct the user to sites where it is claimed their computer has a virus and offers a way to help at a price!

Needless to say, the victims simply lose their cash and bank details in the process. The only good thing is that the actually financial details of customers were kept separate so it is just names and email addresses at risk. CEO John Perkins said, “We would like to assure all our customers that the only information communicated to Silverpop were email addresses. Silverpop and have taken all the necessary steps to ensure a security breach of this nature does not happen again.”

This is the email that sent out to their customer base this morning;

Email Security Message – We are emailing all our customers to let you know that a company that handles part of our marketing communications has had a security breach. Unfortunately, this has meant that some customer names and email addresses may have been compromised.

We take privacy and security very seriously and ensure all sensitive customer data is protected.  Please be assured this issue has occurred outside of and no other personal customer information has been involved.

Please be assured we have taken every step to ensure this doesn’t happen again and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused some of you.

Customer Advice – Please do be vigilant with your email and personal information when using the internet. At we will never ask you for information such as passwords, bank account details or credit card numbers. If you receive anything suspicious in your email, please do not click on any links and forward the email on to for us to investigate.

Source [Tech Radar]