French fine for Google Street View

It seems that around the world the sight of the Google Street View car stirs up all sorts of reactions not all them supportive of the search giant’s work!

In France, Google have been up in front of the data privacy regulator who promptly fined them around £100,000 for gathering data obtained from private Wi-Fi networks, while the cars were collecting the street view images.

According to the National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL), “that Google has not refrained from using the data identifying Wi-Fi access points of individuals without their knowledge,” and “It is a record fine since we obtained the power in 2004 to impose financial sanctions in 2004,” the CNIL added.

Google have said, “Cars will no longer collect any Wi-Fi information at all,” but this was only after the event and the fines!

Source [Mashable]