Google publish Think Quarterly magazine

Google not content with dominating the world of search, operating systems and just about anything else interesting have now gone into online publishing with a glossy 64 page magazine called “Think Quarterly”.


According to Matt Brittin, the managing director of Google UK, said, “At Google, we often think that speed is the forgotten ‘killer application’ – the ingredient that can differentiate winners from the rest. We know that the faster we deliver results, the more useful people find our service.


“But in a world of accelerating change, we all need time to reflect. Think Quarterly is a breathing space in a busy world. It’s a place to take time out and consider what’s happening and why it matters.” He finished off by saying, “Our first issue is dedicated to data – amongst a morass of information, how can you find the magic metrics that will help transform your business? We hope that you find inspiration, insights, and more, in Think Quarterly.”

It should be noted that Google actually class this as a book, and it is only available online in Flash or old fashioned web pages. Google have a webpage Think Quarterly, but currently this is not working, but the Think Quarterly Twitter pages are working fine.

Source [Techland]