MP’s can Tweet from Parliament

It seems that MP’s will be tweeting, sending SMS and checking their emails on their Smartphone’s more often following the decision of a parliamentary procedures committee, of course it you are an avid watcher of Prime Ministers Questions, you will already know that some MP’s are regularly texting and tweeting from the house!

According to the parliamentary procedures committee Chairman, Greg Knight, “The Committee is persuaded that a Member should be allowed to use a device for any purpose for which paper communications are currently allowed.”

“We also recognise that that it is impractical to police activity on an electronic device and trust to the good sense of Members to act in accordance with the central principle that devices must be used with discretion and with due regard to decorum.”

However this is not a down deal as the final decision will either be made by the Speaker or it could even go to a vote, whatever route is taken it should be coming forward within a couple of weeks.

The committee made the following points, “There is a respectable argument that electronic devices should not be used in the Chamber or committees at all. Those Members present should be attending to the debate and not undertaking other activities, and their use of electronic devices might distract others,”

“There is a concern that transmitting messages in and out of the Chamber might allow others to influence the course of a debate which could constitute interference in parliamentary proceedings,” the committee said.

Source [Guardian]