Supermarket Scrabble Spells Trouble for stores

A Facebook group going under the name Supermarket Scrabble are chaos in the UK’s supermarkets, as the name states the core activity is to do with words and supermarkets, but how does this even work?

Check down the dry food aisles of the stores such as the spice and herb racks and you will see letters that can form words. For example, take a couple jars of Basil, an Onion granule, Oregano and Sage, rearrange them and it spells “BOOBS” of course there are many more words and phrases available, take a photo and post it!

According to the group, the plan behind this is ‘To make trips to the shops more fun, try arranging things on the shelves to make new, amusing and even rude words, images or sculptures,’

Store managers should watch out for the 1st April as the group are calling for an all out Supermarket Scrabble attacks.

Source [Slash Food]