US Air Force PS3 Supercomputer

It seems that you no longer have to pay out £16 million for supercomputer, as it looks like all you need is enough Playstation 3 games consoles so that you can build your own, which is exactly what the US Air Force has done with the Condor Project!

This started off as an experiment with just eight PS3’s but now it seems that the project has grown and grown to the point where there are now 1,716 Playstation 3 consoles networked together to produce a supercomputer, in fact this computer built by Rome Labs is in the top forty of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Therefore, to compete with the big boys it seems that you just need to start collecting games consoles, the cost of this project is around £1.6 million a tenth of what a purpose built supercomputer would have cost! How is that for cost cutting?

Source [Technabob]