Build your own iPad Apps

It is easy to think that building an app for the cool new Apple iPad2 is hard and that you need to be a serious developer, but with iBuildApp, anyone with a good idea can develop a cool app and then submit it to the Apple Store for approval!

Just think your idea for a game or service could be on the Apple App Store being downloading by iPad users from all around the world, just how cool would that be?

These are the main features for the brilliant iBuildApp service;

Branding: Apps can be branded to your requirement, including welcome page.

Fast downloads & moving between pages.

Razor sharp text at high zoom levels.

High quality graphics and photos.

Video easily inserted and triggered from the page as well as media browser.

Live web and email links, and additional audio links can be inserted.

A few different prebuilt templates

Use the in-app browsing tool to visit any of the on-page links without ever leaving the app.

Source [Ubergizmo]