Keylogger found on new Samsung

When you find that your computer is infected with a badware such as viruses and malware, it is like a violation of your privacy, you feel cheated and used. So now imagine how you feel if your computer was infected with a keylogger by the manufacturer so that they could monitor what you and other owners are doing.

A keylogger will track the user’s keystokes, which can be very dangerous for the user as passwords, usernames and other private date can be revealed. It was this that was found by Mohamed Hassan a computer scientist, who noticed the software on his new Samsung laptop.

However, could he be wrong! Samsung seem to think so, because in response to these claims, they have posted their answer in the Samsung Tomorrow Blog and they seem to that, this is a false alarm, this happens when using the Microsoft Language Pack in the C:\Windows\SL it produces a false positive.

The company have even duplicated the result using their own equipment and have promptly stated that there are no malicious programmes installed on Samsung laptops.

Source [Technabob]