Millions of websites infected

The online security firm, WebSecurity has found that an attack started a couple of days ago, that started with 28,000 URL’s but this doubled quickly and so on, until at the last count it ran into one and half million websites and counting!

A user should know that they are under attack when one of those alert pages starts up when visiting a new site; this warns that the computer is infected and urges the user to download some free software, at this point stop and close the browser, it is all fake!

According to WebSense security blogger Patrik Runald, “The good thing is that iTunes encodes the script tags, which means that the script doesn’t execute on the user’s computer,” he finished off by saying, “So good job, Apple.”

If after closing the browser the user is still worried then run your anti virus software to see, it will probably come up clean to use, which is how it be.

Source [PC World]