Google April Fools Pranks

The internet would not be much without Google and neither would April Fool’s Day, as the search giant likes to make the fool out of us mere internet users by simply making up a believable story and by putting the weight of the mighty Google behind it too for credibility.

This is a list created by the famous Make a List people and it gives us the top five Google pranks for Aprils Fool day, see how many you can remember. This list is fine, but what Google prank would pick as being the best?

These are the top five Google April Fools pranks of all time

1. MentalPlex (2000)

2. Pigeon Rank (2002)

3. TiSP (beta) – Toilet Internet Service Provider (2007)

4. The YouTube Rickroll (2008)

5. Topeka Name Switch (2010)

Source [Make The List]