Limited Edition Red Radar Watch

This is a watch that has either been inspired by air traffic control or has been designed for air traffic controllers, whatever way is right, it makes no difference to us, for this is a seriously cool watch and needs to be seen working in order to fully understand its concept.

The watch has been designed and manufactured by a firm called Bell and Ross, it was unveiled in Baselworld, and where it was the first time anybody could actually get their hands on the watch that should be a movie or something.

Bell & Ross Red Radar from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

Its design uses three red tinted discs that rotate in the manner of an old style radar, but this movement actually provides the wearer with the correct time, one they have spent a bit of time getting used to reading it.

Priced at around £3,500 ($5,000)

Source [Oh Gizmo]