RC Car Hack for iPad

Remote controlled cars and iPads, what a combination and getting the two to work together is even better, which is exactly what Gaurav Manek has done. He has made this remote control car work straight from the iPad by using a simple HTML5 app that is compatible with the iPad.

This app simply applies the built in tilt sensors to control the car, just as the user would if they were playing a driving game on the device. However, the hacks do not stop there, he has also managed to make the car move by using the Microsoft Xbox Kinect motion sensor, and yes, this car can move with the movement of a hand!

Here are some details from Gaurav Manek on how he gets this stuff to work;

There are two different versions of this project – one for the HTML5 web app, and the other for the Kinect. In the HTML5-based version, the web application uses DeviceMotionEvent to get accelerometer readings and determine what the car has to do. This action is encoded in the format expected by the Arduino sketch, and is then sent over a WebSocket to a simple server written in Python. The Python script simply forwards the received data to the Arduino via the serial port. The Arduino toggles its output to close and open switches on the remote controller (using optical isolators). The car moves correspondingly.

Source [Technabob]