Social networks and Smartphone’s targeted

It appears that the next big target for cyber criminal is likely to be the owners of Smartphone’s and the users of social networks. According to experts social networking sites are being used more to spread malicious code and because Twitter and Facebook are very popular with Smartphone owners it looks like this could be route one!

According to the security operations manager at Symantec, Orla Cox, “It is something we have started to see happen, albeit on a small level,”

She continued by saying, “It allows people to do a variety of things from intercepting SMS messages to dialling toll numbers. They have opened up the possibility of what is there.”

However currently it seems that attacks of this nature remain small when compared to online attacks of PC’s and laptops through email phishing etc. figure released by Symantec show that known vulnerabilities within mobile operating systems stands at 163 for 2010, whereas in 2009 the figure was just 115!

Ms Cox finished off by saying, “It was interesting to see that it is possible to attack physical systems. I think it unlikely that we will see a whole slew of attacks of that nature,”

This is something that we will obviously be seeing more of in the future.

Source [BBC]



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