What happens when a taser grenade is used?

Well it would seem that there is only one way to find out and Justin Rocket Silverman a reporter from The Daily in the US volunteered to find out first hand exactly what it is like to be hit by the ultimate in non lethal weaponry.

It seems that the firm behind the taser grenade believed that the reporter was not man enough to take the power of the taser, so they simply hooked him up directly, takes the polish off of it really.

According to Justin Rocket Silverman, “First off, the grenade’s 50,000-volt charge, as you might imagine, is extremely unpleasant. Every voluntary muscle in the body yanks tight, as a sizzling crackle of electrons fills the air, making it impossible to move. Its white-hot barbs even leave burn marks on the skin as a surge of electricity scorches your flesh.”

Source [Technabob]