Steve Wozniak would return to Apple, if asked!

Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer in 1976 with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then and currently he is working at the storage start-up Fusion-io, with the position of chief scientist! So is a return out of the question, “I’d consider it, yeah,” he said while at a server conference in Brighton!

What about the current state of Apple, “There’s just an awful lot I know about Apple products and competing products that has some relevance, some meaning. They’re my own feelings, though,”

“My thinking is that Apple could be more open and not lose sales,” said Wozniak, although he finished off by saying, “I’m sure they’re making the right decisions for the right reasons for Apple.”

So what do we make of that, do you think Steve Wozniak could return to Apple and would it be right for the company if he did?

Source [Reuters]