Stolen phones can be checked in seconds

A new system available to the police allows them to check to see if a mobile phone has been stolen on seconds, rather than the older system that used to take around twenty minutes. This is all due to the new updated National Mobile Phone Register (NMPR) these changes are down to improvements put in place by the NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency).

With the system now integrated in with the Police National Computer (PNC) system, all an officer has to do is check the mobile through their PDA’s and it’s done, no hanging around wasting time.

According to the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), Director of Operations, Tom McArthur, “This is another example of how the NPIA continues to innovate, develop and deliver improvement to the police service to help frontline officers fight crime,”

He added, “With tens of thousands of mobiles being stolen every year across the country, mobile phone theft is a significant problem. However, by helping forces use the National Mobile Phone Register more efficiently, this improvement should help police officers provide a better service to the public and recover more of their stolen and lost mobile phones.”

Source [Tech Radar]