CPS drop BT and Phorm case

It looks as if no further action will be taken against the internet service provider (ISP) BT and the targeted advertising firm Phorm, following the secret trials of the Phorm service on unsuspecting BT customers, without their knowledge or consent!

This happened around four years ago and since then, BT has parted company with Phorm and in fact, the firm has been suffering from a bad image ever since details of this trail came out.

According to Andrew Hadik, the reviewing lawyer for CPS London’s Complex Casework Unit, “We obtained expert evidence to enable us to understand how the technology worked, how many people were affected and how they were affected. Those are the key elements of the alleged offending,” he finished off by saying, “Even if further evidence were available and collected, we are satisfied that it could not change our assessment. We have concluded that a prosecution would not be in the public interest.”

So, is this the end of the issue, or will BT customers still angry at the secret trials keep it going, it is possible that the privacy campaign could take this up from this point, so it is not completely dead yet.

Source [V3]