Top Apps for the iPad2

There is no doubt that the iPad2 is the latest cool device on the market and some people simply must have it no matter what the cost is. However, the iPad2 needs apps to be cool, so just what are coolest apps around for the iPad2;

These are the top ten apps for the iPad 2;

Photogene: App for editing, manipulating the photos.

iMovie: Create and develop a movie.

Garage Band: Want to play piano and drums

Twitter: The most wanted app for iPad 2

Epicurious: This app is actually for females.

Angry Birds: The war between angry birds and green pigs.

1password: This app helps a user to save the secure information

Amazon Kindle: The useful and informative application

Netflix: Watch your favourite TV shows and latest movies on your iPad 2.

CNN: What is happening in the news.

Source [Mast Mails]