Windows 7 Adverts go Cosmic

The market is divided on the “Windows 7 was my idea!” adverts,  some consumers like the adverts, while others hate these adverts, but it seems that Windows was born in place a long time ago and far far away, if that is at all possible. These adverts are just reaching us now and you may recognise some of the people who claim that Windows 7 was their idea! The first is the standard Stormtrooper version, these guys would claim anything if they could get away with it.

Now things take a turn towards the darker side of marketing, with Lord Vader submitting his claim, he already runs the universe, so why bother!

Finally, this is the best one of all, it is our old friend Chewbacca, of course, and he cannot speech English or any other language, but luckily, our Stormtrooper friend is on hand to translate.

Source [Technabob]