Stargate Blueprints Found on eBay

The Stargate is an ingenious device that transfers matter instantaneously from one Stargate to another, making travel between distant planets possible in a matter of seconds. However, this technology is science fiction right!

Well a set of blue prints have been found up for sale on the auction site eBay, so they must be real! In fact these are the plans used in the original 1994 film and are being sold by a firm known as Propworx, the current bid price is just $200, but the action ends soon for anyone interested!

These are some of the details that the firm has put with the listing; it makes interesting reading all the same;

Every item is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alec Peters, CEO of Propworx and Chris Bosco, SVP Motion Picture Group for MGM Studios. Each certificate is tied to the particular item by a tamper-proof, individually numbered Stargate hologram. The hologram is in two parts, one of which is attached to the prop, the other, which is attached to the COA, so the two items can never be sold separately. Fabric items, such as costumes, and small props (like jewellery) that cannot have a sticker attached, will have the hologram attached to a specially designed “costume” or “prop” tag.

Source [Nerd Approved]