We are Google you will be assimilated

Google are often depicted as being a bully and a giant, but you are always going to get this with large firms, especially when these firms are as successful as Google is.

This is the list of top ten acquisitions made by Google;

dMarc Broadcasting – Business Advertising cost $102,000,000 operating now as AdSense

Applied Semantics – Business Online Advertising cost $102,000,000 operating now as AdSense, AdWords

On2 – Business Video Compression cost $106,600,000 operating now as WebM & YouTube

Slide.com – Business Social Gaming cost $182,000,000

Postini – Business : Communications security cost $625,000,000 operating now as Gmail

ITA Software – Business Travel Technology cost $700,000,000

AdMob – Business Mobile Advertising cost $750,000,000

AOL – Business Broadband Internet Access cost $1,000,000,000

YouTube – Business Video Sharing cost $1,650,000,000 operating now as YouTube

DoubleClick – Business DoubleClick cost $3,100,000,000 operating now as AdSense

Source [Fmiyar]