Report suggests gaming makes you fat!

It is rather a blanket phrase, but it seems that a study carried out by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that computer gamers tend to eat more than people who do not like to play video games. In fact the report went on to claim that not only does gaming offer no physical exertion, playing a computer game actually makes the player feel more hungry and therefore they eat more!

According to Dr. Chaput, a kinesiologist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario research institute, “It’s a worse story than just being a sedentary activity,” he then added, “When we play video games, yes, we burn few calories, but we also eat more.”

The test involved twenty-two teenage boys; they were made to sit in a chair for an hour, and then on a separate occasion played a computer game for an hour. At lunch, the boys had on average eaten more calories than the others, in fact, around eighty calories more! There are experts who believe that some of the teenagers see the food a reward after gaming for an hour and this is difference!

Source [Ubergizmo]