UK in top five on internet freedom

These days more than ever, the idea of internet freedom is important, especially if we look at what is going on in those countries where civil unrest is occurring. So the gauge is the Freedom House scale, they check cyber attacks sponsored by governments or other organisations, business and censorship.

The scale is zero to one hundred and in order to be in the level of the figure has to be below 30. Iran is the worst with a score of 89, closely followed by China and Saudi Arabia.

At the other end of the scale there is in first place, Estonia with a score of 10, while Australia, Germany and the US make up the top four. The UK comes in fifth with a score of 25.

According to the report by Freedom House, “Even in more transparent, democratic environments, censorship decisions are often made by private entities and without public discussion, and appeals processes may be onerous, little known, or nonexistent,”

Source [IT Pro Portal]