The MountMe iPad Freedom Mount

Place your iPad anywhere with the MountMe iPad Freedom Mount, this interesting design allows the iPad owner to place their device almost anywhere without worrying about it falling onto the floor.

This is one of those products with an unfortunate name but the design makes for the stand as it fits snugly into a case that connects with the mount when required. The mount incidentally uses four suction pads to securely stick to any flat surface.

Here are some facts and features for the interesting MountMe iPad Freedom Mount;

MountMe Freedom Mount is a universally adaptable mounting solution; the iPad can be easily transformed into a great in-car or on-the-go entertainment system, a wall clock, home automation controller and more. The possibilities and uses are endless. It can be mounted and viewed virtually anywhere. Pan 360 degrees &  Tilt 90 degrees. Equipped with screws for permanent mounting

Priced at around £35

Source [Technabob]