Group buying sites for big savings

It stands to reason that supermarket chains such as Tesco and ASDA are going to have superior buying power over the average household, but there are ways that the household budget can chip away at the discounts that the big stores are getting.

The most popular way is through group buying, the most popular in the UK will be Groupon, this sites seems to pop up in Google adverts a lot. It is easy to join simply sign up and receive emails with the top offers, when the consumer sees something interesting they just click to go and see what’s going on this is wonderful use of commerce and the internet.

These are the top group buying websites around at the moment, who is up for a bargain!;

Groupon – Provides cool offers in over a hundred and fifty cities in the U.S. and Canada as well as in twenty three other countries.

LivingSocial – Has some cool deals in many of the main U.S. cities and in Canada too, with four locations in the United Kingdom up and running.

HomeRun – This is a US based system that has some good deals in more than thirty cities.

SocialBuy – Is another US based operation with deals in more than fifty U.S. cities.

Dealster – Can be found offering some substantial deals in more than fifty U.S. cities.

Deals for Deeds – This is a localised deal machine that features deals in its home district, but there are plans for expansion, so expect to see this in around five to seven major U.S. cities soon.

GrubLife group buying – This is one for the student with a wide range of deals covering the restaurants and eateries in and around six large public universities.

Tippr – One of the smaller group buying systems with deals in twelve major U.S. cities.

Source [Top World Affair]