Twisted Metal Game play Trailer

There is always a bit of a downer between the time that a game is completed to the actual time that the die hard gamer can get their hands on it. this is clear when it comes to Twisted Metal, this game has been in the pipeline for some time and yet the game is still not ready to be released in fact it is being rumoured as it is still a couple of months away.

Thankfully, it is not all bad, because there is the Twisted Metal game trailer, this is around two minutes long and gives good idea on what the game should be offering when it finally is released, and one thing is for sure Axel is back, but the gamer still has to unlock it!

These are some details on the game that is set to the release the world of Axel back onto the screen;

In single player, fight for the prize of one wish fulfilled by winning the Twisted Metal tournament. Choose from over a dozen new and series favourite vehicles; each outfitted with weapons of Twisted destruction and strategically dismantle your opponents.

In multiplayer, become a Twisted Disciple and destroy everything online as a devoted follower of one of the all star Twisted cast of characters. Team up with up to 16 online and 2 – 4 player split screen.

Discover psychotic power ups in levels covering over a dozen high octane battlegrounds. Pair up different vehicles and maximize your firepower.

Priced at £39.91 on pre-order from Amazon

Source [IGX Pro]