Cool Offer on the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand

It seems that these days there not many opportunities for many good deals, let alone getting something for free, Yes Free! Don’t you just love that word!

Well it looks like the guys over at Mobile Fun are literally giving the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand away, but only one with each order they are not the generous.

In order to make sure that you get your Free StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand simply follow these easy instructions – “From now, if you buy anything on the site – you get a free Stuckbuddy simply by entering the word BUDDY in the rebate code section at the checkout – so it’s simple enough to get one.  The offer will continue whilst stocks last and we’ve got loads!”

These are the features and specs for the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand;

Suction cup stand, which allows you to attach it to any device

Works perfectly as a desk stand for your phone but can also be used to hold other accessories

Works with larger devices such as the Amazon Kindle or the iPad 2

Holds your mobile phone and MP3 player in landscape or portrait modes

Easily applied and removed

Can be used in various different environments

Extremely portable so you can carry it around in your pocket

Priced at £4.99

Source [Mobile Fun]