Create Your Own iPad Apps

Many people have been using the Apple App Store and of course iTunes to download applications for the iPhone and iPad. However, just how do these people build apps and make money in the process?

Well it would seem to be a lot easier than first thought, especially with the help of services like the iBuildApps service, this is free to use, house plenty of templates and once the app is built it will even help the builder submit their app to the Apple App Store.

These are the features for the iBuildApps platform;

We are the first company to offer self publishing on the iPad: it is simple, do-it-yourself, and you can be done in an hour.

The iPad app is built automatically by our platform, no human intervention is required.

The content is hosted on our platform and can be updated in a matter of

This is a free to use app with no cost or submission fees

Source [iBuild App]